Thanks to our many great clients. Many cannot share their details due to the private nature of our relationship. But a few have offered some comments below. Thanks so much to them.

And to all our clients…

We want you to know how much we appreciate your business. You make our days special and give our business purpose. A heartfelt thanks to you all!

Words can not begin to describe how much I appreciate all that you and Brown & Associates do for your clients. This has been a very long and difficult transaction with emotions running high. You never wavered but held the course to a satisfactory end. For this I am grateful.

I am not sure the sellers fully understand all that you have done on their behalf. To have saved them a deficiency judgement and negotiated a price, BPO’s, liens, code violations and so much more is amazing. Your patience, temperament, wisdom and guidance have made this a success.

While it is always a difficult thing to see someone losing their home to foreclosure, at least a short sale can help lessen the impact. I will look forward to recommending you and Brown & Associates Law & Title, PA.

Best Regards,

Terri Ramsey Realtor,Cartwright Realty

We loved the friendly staff at Brown & Associates. Did not feel any stress or anxiety after walking through the door. Thank you for everything.

I would like to thank Brown & Associates for all their help in the short sale process. In this trying time they have made this process as smooth as possible at putting my mind at ease. I would like to give a special thanks to Linda Matheu who stayed in contact with me throughout the entire process, it was an absolute pleasure working with her. Thank you Brown & Associates for everything.
Luis Rivera

Everyone involved were professional and helpful. The short sale of my home was a nerve racking situation that I didn’t understand a whole lot about. Your staff was able to put my mind at ease. Really made things easy for me.


Mark D.

Brown & Associates helped me every step through my modification. Modification documents were explained to me in a respectful manner and I was always treated with kindness. They have really worked magic as I am now able to afford my new mortgage payment and keep my home. Thanks to their hard work.


I want to thank you, Linda, and staff for helping me through my situation. I’ve talked with other people locally and would recommend you in a heartbeat. Just so you know. So a true and honest “THANKS” for everything!!!!


Good morning Attorney Brown and all the staff at Brown and Associates Law firm.

On behave of my wife and two children, I would like to use this opportunity to say a big thank you especially to Attorney Brown for the countless hours and efforts that you have put in our case. My family really appreciate all that you have done for us. We pray that God will put a smile on your face even as you have ours and continue to show kindness to struggling families like mine.

To all the staff Jena, Dawn and Linda we say thank you and God bless you richly.


B. and family


Thank you so much for all you’ve done to get us an approval from the bank.
Best Regards,
Terri Ramsey Realtor, Cartwright Realty

I wanted to share my experience with Brown & Associates.

I have a property that was severely underwater and I owed $500,000 to the bank. I tried to negotiate with the bank but I was not getting anywhere.

I hired Brown & Associates to help with my negotiations. The result… They managed to settle my loan for $50,000 in only 90 days. I saved almost $450,000.

They handled all the negotiations and I didn’t have to do anything during the process. The bank stopped calling me right away. And I was out from under a very bad situation, thanks to the professionals at Brown & Associates.

I highly recommend Barbara and her team at Brown & Associates. They were a pleasure to deal with. They were professional at all times and they came up with the complete strategy and approach which resulted in me saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to mention the relief I felt getting this loan settled.

Thanks Barbara!




Dear Barbara,

Thank you for consulting with us earlier today. My wife and I went to your firm with little hope for a resolution to our problems but have left uplifted. I also wish to thank you for such a speedy outreach to opposing counsel.

A few months ago, a co-worker had his mortgage modified to a 2% interest rate. I was hopeful that I too would be offered that earlier this summer but the modification paperwork did not allude to the rate, the change in term, the principal or any other amount other than a monthly mortgage that is much higher than what we can afford. Given that we have to invest so much into the home to make it livable for the long term, we were looking to be around half of that amount.

In fact, a mortgage loan calculator showing the amount of $148,000 for 30 years at 2.0 and 2.5 % came up with a payment of $547 and $585 respectably. If that or something close to those figures would have been offered we would have been all in.

My wife and I remain optimistic that our situation could be reversed and we can finally plan the family we hope to establish in the house we had set out to call home five years ago.

Thank you,


Peter and Bernadett


Re: my Mortgage Reduction Process ..Having Brown and Associates for advice and guidance is better than a Peanuts security blanket. Great service from entire staff and accompanying peace of mind.
Richard Kleinberg

I recently had the privilege of working with Brown & Assoc Law & Title on a short sale of my property and was extremely impressed with the level of integrity and dedication throughout the entire process. Barbara and her team of well trained professionals covered every detail and delivered an outstanding result!


Jim H.

Brown & Associates’ professionalism and diligence to get my file closed is to be commended. Thank you!!!

Ash & Kat Rader

The staff is very personable, informative & helpful. The laws seem to keep changing and the staff does everything possible to keep me informed & assist with any and all questions.

Mary Southcott